This is going to be a LONG post…not entirely in length of writing…but this condiment takes a LONG time to make… I use condiment lightly…because it could ALSO just be a snack! A snack that takes almost 3 weeks to make!! I’ll just continue updating this page as things change!

I mentioned I had a meal that I was cooking for friends coming up at the end of the month, 24 days from now…and literally, I’m starting the prep for this meal TODAY!
This recipe takes about 15 minutes of work, and 16 – 19 days of waiting! I’m starting now in case it doesn’t work out as I planned and can do another batch if needed (after the cooking I’ll know how it’ll be, the drying just concentrates the flavour).

So…black garlic is HIGHLY caramelized…as in, it’s slow cooked for up to 15 days (at home), at a lower temperature is could be cooked for up to 6 weeks. Though not fermented like people think (I did too at one point due to the taste) it’s actually ONLY heated (lightly…for a long period of time).  It has a syrupy, balsamic vinegar taste to it…and is incredible. My friend and I tried some for the first time a few weeks ago…. and we loved it. I’ve tried to find a supplier for it, and it’s just too expensive to buy (due to the work involved in making it)… so…I’m making it myself! Finally found a good recipe for it… or rather, one that ANYONE can do at home. Though I haven’t smelled it yet…apparently the first few days are extremely pungent… luckily, I LOVE the smell of garlic…so for me it’ll be fine… my neighbours may not like it though… 🙂

Tools and Ingredients:
– Garlic
– Rice cooker

(yes, it REALLY is that simple!)

Recipe: (until I change it)

Leave untouched in rice cooker on “keep warm” for 9 days. Then air-dry for another week in a cool dark place. That’s it…that’s all there is!

Peel the garlic first, but JUST the outer skin so you can see the cloves.
Place in the rice cooker and walk away. Hell…if you feel like it, and the rice cooker is in good repair, you can even likely go on vacation!

Here is what step one looks like…


I’ll take a photo every other day or so, but I really don’t expect to see a lot of difference between now and day 9… Though, based on reviews, I think I might let it go 10 – 12 days…

Updates to come as needed…

End of day 1: My place smells GREAT…just a light garlic smell…which, to me, is like ‘cooking incense’. It’s one of the smells you get at Thanksgiving or Christmas… SOOO good…and then I did something that I should NOT have done… I opened the rice cooker… my nose has been running for the last HOUR! It’s SOOOO pungent (like the recipe said it would!) No real change in the look of them… but the smell is incredible. If you’re stuffed up…start this…then breathe the smell…it’ll clear you out in NO time!

End of day 2: Nose no longer running while smelling it…eyes are burning though! WOW…
I can barely even smell it in my place right now…but open the lid and you’re hit with an amazing smell…and burning eyes! So…concentrate on the smell!

End of day 3: Eyes not burning AS MUCH when smelling the garlic. They are watering though…likely due to the garlic, but maybe just to the beautifullness (new word…get over it) of the dish…

End of day 4: You can just see that’s it’s starting to turn black with some of the cloves with a thinner skin… the aroma is INCREDIBLE! Eyes no longer burning! 8 days to go!

End of day 5: I could burn this as incense…what a great smell! ONE WEEK TO GO!!

End of day 6: You can see more blackness…but the smell is unchanged…it’s working!!!

End of day 7: No external changes…

End of day 9: NO GOOD. Too hard. Trying to fix it, but starting a new batch… THIS is why you recipe test! I’ve put more in this time, so I’ll test it this time ever other day…