Hey everyone! I know I’m not nearly as active here as I wanted to be, or should be! I’m gonna try (again) to post at least one meal I’ve made per week. It might just have gotten easier as I’ve become more used to my new (at Christmas) induction range. Well…not a WHOLE range, just one burner…but it’s awesome…and fast! Put it this way…I woke up really hungry at 2:30am Monday morning…prep AND cooking was done within 10 minutes… It was just a simple stir-fry, but I still had to cut the meat and veg… WOW is this thing fast. In fact, I was able to heat oil, fry, and BURN gyoza within 30 seconds! On my regular electric range, that would take about 4 – 5 minutes!

Last night…I did another stir-fry. More time, more ingredients, more flavour!


(Since this is a stir-fry… ALL ingredients need to be ready to go before hand since the cooking time is VERY short!)

– 1/4 lb stewing beef (I used Wagyu…since it’s great, and I had it!)
– Bacon Lardons, about a handful
– 5 green onions, sliced to about an inch into the greens
– 1 stalk celery, about 1/3 inch slices
– Red bell pepper, about 1 inch squares. (Any colour works…)
– 1 Cara Cara orange (any orange would do…)
– cayenne
– Spinach


Heat the pan to high, add oil. The oil choice is yours, but make sure it has a high smoke point (so no EVOO). I used basic vegetable oil. The key to cooking in a wok is that you want to maintain high heat ALL the time though cooking. Adding anything to the pan takes heat away, so if you’re doing a full family meal versus a single dish, you want to remove ingredients as you cook. This recipe is for a SINGLE dish (could also be doubled), any more than this you’d want to cook in batches, and keep ingredients warm in the oven as needed… Cooking times will be longer with more of each ingredient.

*Note: as you add ingredients, keep them moving around CONSTANTLY or they’ll burn… This isn’t traditional wok technique…but works for this very well!*

Only add a little oil to start (1tbsp) , the fat from the lardons will add the rest needed! If things start to stick…add a little more oil.

Add the lardons and cook for about a minute, until they just start to release their fat.

Add the red pepper and cook for about 45 seconds. They should JUST start to be shiny and getting a little softer than fresh.

Add the celery. Same as with the bell peppers, 45 seconds until just softening.
Add the beef. Sprinkle with a little cayenne to taste and add a pinch of Kosher or Sea Salt. (This will start to draw out moisture from everything… which will be needed for something that I did NOT do with the dish originally…but will in the future!)

Cook the beef for about a minute or two (to basically rare) and then add the green onions and cook an additional 30 – 45 seconds.

Squeeze in the juice of the cara cara orange. It will steam like crazy if the pan is at the right heat. From years of cooking, I can barely feel it…but if you want, you could squeeze before hand into a bowl and just dump it in…just stir it.

Take it off the heat and add a handful or two of spinach (personal choice was two…because I like it…). You really could use ANY green for this that you like. Spinach, being mild was my choice for this (and I had some)… but dandelion, mustard, arugula would also be fine. Even a ‘salad mix’ would work.

Cover the wok for a minute or two if you can…this will wilt the greens. If not…add the greens and leave on the heat for another 15 seconds, and then remove. Let it sit for another minute or so until the greens wilt. Heartier greens (like the dandelion)  may take a little more time…but the carry over heat should still get them to the right point.


Put it on a plate and EAT!

I added some black sea salt after plating for a little crunch… you don’t need too, but it’s pretty low sodium. I’d guess even croutons would work with this…


I didn’t think it would because of the high heat, but…there was juice in the bottom of the wok…orange and what came out of the vegetables after adding the salt… It was tasty, but I was unprepared for it! So…plate it OVER whatever you want… I think it’d be great with rice… but anything that will absorb the liquid would be fine, like a thin pasta (spaghetti, spagotini, boccocini, papardelle or even tagliatelli).

The finished dish:


As an additional bonus…here’s the 2:30am experiment: