Yeah…you heard me. Pork…turned into a dust.

A friend and I were at a high end restaurant on Monday for a meal during Winterlicious. We shared some of the courses. She shared this with me…after seeing the look on her face after trying it, I knew I had to try to make it! Her bands anniversary is at the end of this week…so I felt it was a GREAT time to make this as a little gift for her!

And me, being me, I made two versions…and neither one was ‘the way’ it’s supposed to be done. As opposed to pork rinds or pork craklins that are usually used… I used pancetta and proscuitto. I mean, it’s an anniversary…you gotta splurge! Well…it was about $15 bucks so ‘splurge’ is not really the right word!

What you need:
Tapioca Maltodextrin
Sea Salt
Food Dehydrator
Flour Sifter
Blender (or potentially food processor)

Step 1:

Take the pancetta and proscuitto, and lay it out evenly in a food dehydrator. Put papertowels down on the bottom as you draw out a lot of fat (the other kinds described above are MAINLY fat). If doing both as I did, put the pancetta on the bottom, the proscuitto on top. I used all 5 trays I have for mine…

Step 2:
WAIT! I let it go over 24 hours… though…I didn’t have a choice… I had to work!

After that long it should look like this:

Each is crispy, and the flavour more concentrated… I know… I tasted it at 12 hours…ended up with half of what I put in! It was GOOD!

Step 3:
Dry off a little bit of the oil. While Tapioca Maltodextrin absorbs fat like flour absorbs water, I wanted a bit more meatier flavour. Paper towel is fine for this (get something labelled unbleached though…).

Step 4:
I didn’t actually measure this, since the technique is for a ONLY fat preparation…
Start with about 1 cup of Maltodextrin… and you can add as needed. I also added about 4 tablespoons of salt per batch… You’re not going to be using a lot of this powder or dust, so the additional salt is actually minimal. 6 slices of the proscuitto yields more than 1/2 cup of powder!

Scrape the sides of the blender a lot, as the fat sticks to the sides. Blend and add TM until it’s almost stopped doing that.

Step 5:
Sift! Use a flour sifter, there will be little ‘chunks’ in this … at least there was in mine, I’ve only tried this in a Vitamix blender, so it may have been from heat from friction! I was also in a time crunch, so I may have over done the speed!DSC_0332

Step 6:
Enjoy!!  The taste should be what you’re having (Pancetta or Proscuitto)…but it should melt in your mouth like cotton candy!

Step 7:
DELIVER! Use it as you wish… either ‘in place’ of breadcrumbs… as a garnish, as something playful on the dish… or, in my case, as a gift!

Here’s my final project…which leaves me with A LOT left over… the two jars are maybe about $3 of $15.