Friends of mine went to a cooking class… they learned how to make (something like) this. She told me about it, and I decided to make it…ummm…better! NOT that the original was bad, but I could, in the words of Emeril LeGasse…kick it up a notch! I first made a broth of ‘discarded’ mushroom parts.  Then 4 hours before cooking added a hot pepper. An hour before cooking, I added my homemade spicy vegetable stock and benito flakes.


I started it with an fine diced onion, 3 fine diced garlic cloves and a piece of diced bacon. At the last minute, I added some chopped dill, and some gojujang (a fermented Korean red chili paste).  Let that slowly cook down until the onion is translucent, turn up the heat, then add the rice… fry that for a minute or so, then turn down the heat and add the first cup of stock. Stir constantly as the first 2 to 3 cups will be absorbed pretty fast.


Keep an eye on it and continue to add stock/water as it cooks. Taste every 10 minutes or so until it’s no longer al dente. Taste more and more as the time goes on…


Once it reaches the al dente stage, add the chopped mushrooms and anything else you wish to add…but keep it simple…keep a constant stir at this point…


Stir until everything is cooked. I used cremini and shitake mushrooms for this, as they cook pretty fast, You can use any type, but put them in as cooking dictates, or cook them ahead of time… IE…if the mushroom takes 20 minutes to cook, cook in advance…

Finish the dish with a pat of butter and some Parmesan cheese stirred into the rice and you’ll be amazed!

STOCK: (8 hours minimum, once cooled, place in fridge)
2 cups boiling water
Trimmed mushroom parts

1 tsp salt.

At 4 hours to go add hot pepper

At 1 hour to go add benito flakes.



Sweat 1 onion with 3 cloves of garlic, and one half of hot pepper, add bacon.

Add rice  (2 cups) and 2 – 3 cups of stock.
Stir constantly.

Add more stock as needed.

When it reaches al dente, add reserved mushrooms, also add more stock.

Take it off the heat just before it’s cooked, and let it rest for a few minutes. It needs the time to cool and let the remaining stock come in…and you need the time to relax and let your wine come in! I forgot to mention wine earlier…it’s because I forgot I had it waiting to deglaze the pan! Apparently its fine with or without! (And I now have wine for another night!)

Serve however you want! In my case, I decided to go all in and serve it in a Portabello mushroom, though it would easily go with steak or chicken… or pretty much anything…


ALL IN was a great choice! The portabello acted as the protein in this dish, and added more mushroom! Anything would have been good, but this just added to the depth!