Smoking indoors seems kinda NOT like a good idea. You certainly don’t want the fire department to show up! With something like this..they won’t! Funny enough…as I wrote that line, the fire department just drove by! Sadly, I only have a few photos, and I haven’t used this method in a while, but only because I haven’t had the time!

This is pretty basic, and  simple. Use a Dutch Oven…the heavyness of the lid will keep the smoke contained. The only smoke that will be released is while waiting for it to smoke while the lid is off, which you want to see before lidding it and putting it in the oven.

I blogged this in another place a while ago. This one was ribs…I do have a lot of photos for this one, but I wish I had more for the chicken and beef!

Here’s Part One:

And Part Two:

Obviously, the cooking times and temperatures will be different for each cut of beef, or pork, or poultry. Basically, it will be the same time and temperature as each would take normally, but add a little time to allow the Dutch Oven to come to the oven temperature INSIDE. This should be about 15 – 20 minutes minutes. Ovens usually have hot and cold spots, unless it’s convection. This method ALSO allows for a much more even cooking overall. Make sure in this case that the oven is AT temperature before putting it in…not just ‘pre-heated’…since that’s still well below what the temperature should be… no matter what, make sure you check it with a meat thermometer.  After about an hour or so of cooking, the smoking stops, so you can insert an oven safe thermometer then.

I mean, c’mon, look at this roast! Smoke ring on the outside, and pretty much the same all the way though! 2013-10-14 22.35.35.jpg

I’ve used this method for roast beef, ribs, chicken…

2013-06-13 20.15.12.jpg

I had a chef over to my place a while ago and did a chicken similar to this, the only difference was I spatch cocked it (cutting out the backbone). I didn’t retie it or lay it out flat, but what I did was replace it in the pot a little more open at the bottom, to allow the smoke in to hit both sides of the meat. He said it was the smokiest he’d ever tasted, that the smoke was there throughout the chicken! *Note, this one (in the photo) was done without the plate to hold the meat up, it was a little too gummy on the bottom, the next one had the plate and it was great!*

I ONLY use this pot for smoking, or for cooking things I want just a little smoky! That is, without doing the smoking part, since the cast iron retains some of the flavour. It’s GREAT for potatoes! Move to another bowl before mashing. Since it’s cast iron, I’ve never cleaned it other than just wiping it out, or with a little water rinse.

So, there you have it. How to smoke indoors with minimal smoke, and not having the fire department come rushing to your door. Though, I think if they did, they might just want to stay for dinner!