So I entered into a friends 3rd Annual BBQ Competition… and I didn’t win… 😦
Oh well!
I won last year, and was 2nd the year before so…I’m NOT complaining! Gotta give other people a chance right?

While it will take me a while to put out the FULL recipe for this… here’s what I did!


This is a ‘Tomahawk’ steak… which is essentially a double or triple sized ribeye (with the bone still attached). A WONDERFUL cut of meat. This, I dry aged in the rig I posted earlier, for 6 days, after having my butcher wet age it for 6 weeks…a bit longer than normal. I’ll write about this later…but… KNOW YOUR BUTCHER. You can get things ‘not on the menu’ if you actually talk to them…  A simple dry rub was added before I smoked it. Then it rested, and only THEN was it seared.
After that, it was sauced (same as the baste used while searing…).
Then it was plated. I think I did 150 or so platings in 35 minutes. I had help with the plating from a friend! Thanks Ash!
I was only asked to do 100…so…the end of the platings weren’t what I wanted to plate…but still pretty damn good!


After all of this…I had a cake for the competitors and the hosts….

And… as you would guess I would do… I made the cake… on the BBQ! It IS a BBQ competition after all isn’t it??

Here’s the result!

2014-09-06 16.18.54


Oh MY was it good…and moist. I used an un-modified cake recipe… and it only took a few minutes longer than it should have…Likely due to the fact that corn was also being made on the same BBQ (they were wide BBQs…but only a single lid…)

I should have the recipes out for this in the next few days. I’ll do one for the sauce (which would be great with lobster, or…as I did last night when hungry… on soft boiled eggs)…and one for the meat…and one for the cake!