All of this came out of a discussion with a friend, when I pulled out a recent youtube video of  a NYC eatery smoking single oysters using smoke created in a gravity bong.

So, I tried it. Impressive yes, but a lot of smoke is wasted, and the amount needed to smoke things at home would just be too smokey for a home. So…I wanted to modify it.

As I said, I started by building the gravity bong and looking at what it was doing. And really, all it is is a ‘sucking device’, created by gravity, and a chamber holding the smoke.

So, all I needed to do what create something that sucks. So, originally I was thinking about making a venturi system which would pull the smoke into a secondary chamber to smoke the food to be smoked. Everything I looked at seemed to need way to much airflow to be ‘practical’ in the home. So, I bought a $20 aquarium pump, and reversed the airflow. Instructions on how to do this are available online, it’s usually done by model makers for pressing parts on a much smaller scale that commercial vacuum pump systems.

I ended up adding a third chamber to the mix after thinking about 2 things. One, I didn’t want a lot of smoke going into the aquarium pump. The second thing I wanted was the ability to do not just sold foods, but, liquid as well.
This is still a work in progress. I’m missing one needed clamp to keep the liquid from falling back into the second chamber before suction is applied.
However, for the most part, here it is.  Empty Setup  Here is the basic setup I’m using. Basically, it’s a flask on the left with two aquarium hoses coming out of it into a second flask. Using two is simply to increase the smoke flow to the second chamber. The smoke then flows upward into the third chamber, flowing through an aquarium bubbler to ‘infuse’ the liquid with whatever flavour you’re burning in the first chamber. From the bottom of that chamber is a tube going into the receiving bottle, where the finished liquid is collected. The bubbler on the top of the bottle is connected to the aquarium pump (which has been modified to extract air).

Smoke flow

Here is the smoke entering the second chamber. You can see the two lines of smoke coming in from the two tubes.


Here is a close up of the bubbles entering the third chamber filled with whatever liquid you want to flavour.

Full Smoke

Here’s the full setup full of flavouring smoke. You can see in the second chamber that some of the liquid has fallen down into it. This is why you need two clamps, since liquid and air flows from the BOTTOM of the third chamber. You could also use a back flow valve on the air side of the chamber, and the clamp on the liquid side.


And here is the final product. Once the smoke has gone through the third chamber, all you need to do is apply a clamp to the airflow INTO the third chamber, and release the clamp on the liquid side of the chamber. Then, remove the stopper from the top of the chamber, which will stop the suction created by the aquarium pump. Into the bottle flows the now flavoured liquid.