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Pho. A rice noodle soup. Very delicious to eat, very easy to make. Here’s another one I ‘cheat’ on. This is made with beef stock, which I normally don’t make myself. So, I generally use store-bought beef stock for this. In the end, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Use whatever beef stock or broth you enjoy.

What you’ll need:
– Rice Noodles
– thin sliced beef
– thin sliced onions
– cilantro

Cook the rice noodles in regular boiling water (don’t overcook, they cook quicker than regular pasta), and heat up the beef stock.

While that’s cooking, thinly slice the beef and onions. Coarsley chop the cilantro.

Drain the noodles when they’re done.

Add the beef broth to the noodles in a serving bowl. Add most of the cilantro and onions, mix into the noodles/broth. Add the RAW beef and the rest of the onions and cilantro on top of the noodles. The thinly sliced beef will cook in the broth as you serve it. 

On the side, serve with some sriracha and/or hoisin sauce.

ImageImageHere I’ve added some parsley to finish it off. You don’t need to do this, but if you have some, try it!