I had 4 leftover andouille sausages uncooked at home and I wondered what to do with them. I decided to make mac and cheese. Actually, it was a little more like ‘lasagna’ in a way, but only because I layered the ingredients instead of mixing them. 

You will need: 

– 4 andouille sausages
– cooked macaroni (or other similar pasta)
– 3 or 4 big fresh tomatoes (you could use diced canned tomatoes, drained)
– cheddar cheese shredded (as much/little as you like)
– panko bread crumbs (crushed regular potato chips could be used
– Optional herbs: cilantro, oregano, basil, …


Cook the sausage anyway you like. You can fry, BBQ, or, baked like I did. I baked mine in a baking tray, filled halfway up the sausage with water. Baked in the oven at 200F for 2 hours. (Note, this isn’t how I usually do it, but I was feeling like crap and wanted a nap. This way I could cook it, while napping, and NOT be able to over cook it!)

Cook the macaroni (or other similar pasta) according to directions.
While the pasta is cooking, chop the tomatoes into large chunks, then place in food processor with fresh (or dry) herbs. Process down until it resembles a coarse salsa. This should only take a few pulses. You can also do this by hand if you wish.

In a casserole dish, place a layer (about half) of pasta on the bottom. Add about half of the tomato mixture (taste first, add whatever you feel may be necessary, salt/pepper…). Add a handful or two of grated cheese over the top. Slice the andouille sausage into 1/4″ rounds, or slightly on the diagonal. Add a layer of this to the casserole dish. Over this, add a sprinkle of cheese to hold the next layer of pasta on. Add the last of the pasta. Then, take the leftover tomato mixture, and the last of the andouille, and process again in the food processor. Add the tomato and meat on the top of the casserole. Finally, top with more cheese and sprinkle the panko bread crumbs over the top to form a crust. 

ImageBefore cooking.

Now place it in a 350F oven. 15 minutes covered, then another 15 – 20 minutes uncovered until the crust browns. 


ImagePlated. The top didn’t brown as much as I’d hoped, but it was still quite crunchy and delicious!