Sous-vide, french for under pressure, is a `new`style of cooking. It resembles the older `boil in a bag`method of cooking, but in a vacuum sealed bag and NOT boiling water. I`ve been doing this for a while now. It`s pretty good method for cooking as it`s really hard to over cook it. Since it`s only cooked at 137F, and the bag is sealed, you really can`t dry it out either.

You can spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on machines to vaccum seal the bag, and keep the water bath at a constant temperature, but, if you`re like me, you do it yourself, for cheap. The basic things you need are: a pot, a thermometer, something to move the water around.
When I first did this, I just stirred the water around once in a while by hand. Not hard, but not a constant movement, so there were hot and cool spots in the water. Since the water isn`t much hotter than that in a hot tub, I`ve decided that a CLEAN aquarium pump works just fine to gently move the water around. I also do one more step in this, and that`s wrapping the fish first in saran wrap, and then seal it. The reason is simple, its easier to keep the flavourings on the fish. Plus, it keeps the vacuum bag a little cleaner, saving time at the end!

And now…photos!

Initial Heating

Here`s the setup. Pot of water, aquarium pump, and thermometer.


Lemon and Dill

Flavourings! You don`t need to do anything before (no marinating or other `pre-seasoning`) … just add your flavouring on top and seal!


Vaccum sealed! Note, the lemon from the above picture was brown on the inside, therefore not good… so, it`s not included in this photo!

Now, just put it in the pot of 137F water. Let it cook for 30 mins, and then you have this:


Note: I was hungry, so I didn`t do anything else with this. A little salt and pepper and eat. Generally, you would want some more on the plate, maybe fries or some sort of vegetable…This was just about the fish!

This is quite a good little dish (when filled with vegetables). Easy to do, easy to make, and really, other than the bag you cook the food in, there`s very little clean up. Take the pump out, wipe off the thermometer, rinse and dry the pot. That`s it!