Hey everybody!

I’ve kinda been wanting to do this for a while now, and I have been blogging some of my food creations on my other blog, but I figured, since I do so much I should have one blog specifically for food!  I’ve recently been, uh, pushed to do this by some friends of mine, so here it is! Chefs can be VERY convincing!

What I hope to accomplish with this is trying to spread some “high end home cookery” with a fairly small budget. Eventually, there will be a tour of my kitchen, maybe some prep videos and some other cool features. For now though, it’ll be a lot of photos (I’m also a photographer), recipes, and basically yummy yummy goodness. Some photos will be good, some will be from my phone (time being of the essence in some cases).  I’ll try to get a mix of recipes for everyone: meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free… so eventually there will be something for everyone.

Note, I’m NOT a chef, I just like to cook…and eat. Most dishes you’ll find from here will likely be less than $10 per serving, some will, as you’ll see, be more than that. What I hope you’ll take away from this is how to make restaurant quality food, at home.

I hope to update this at least twice a week. Sometimes it will only be photos of food I’ve made, most should though have recipes, or at least an ingredient list. If you notice something I’ve forgotten, leave a message and I’ll update the post! I’ve been known to forget to post things like what temperature to cook things at which, is kind of important.

So, with that said, this is the end of post #1.

Thanks for stopping by,



Bob Dunkin